Designing Living Areas In Small Apartments Perfectly

You may be physically limited when you are living in small studio rentals. However, it should not necessarily restrict your imagination. It’s completely up to you to decide what can and can’t be done with the living space in your apartment. As a matter of fact, if you’re up to turn the living space into some beach front area, even that’s quite possible to achieve.

If there is already an aquarium in your apartment, you should use it to your advantage and turn it into a theme. Palm tree pots are affordable, and they look wonderful in the living spaces. If it’s possible for you to lay down a big artificial turf, tree’s effect will be enhanced manifolds. You can use beach painting to create a massive backdrop to turn your small studio into the tropical hideaway. Of course, you won’t have to expend much to buy an artistic painting from some art store. Searching thrift stores in your area will normally turn up the wonderful paintings, prints or photos for just inside twenty dollars. In case if you’re creating an entire beach theme, it would be great to add the small wading pool of a child. Fill the pool with water just around one quarter and place play sand right in its center for the sandbar.

A great thing about the living space designs in studio apartments in Stevenson High School District is that you can easily wallpaper or paint your apartment inside a day. When you have floors made of hardwood, you can have that Stockholm look easily. Ceiling and three walls of your living area can be painted in eggshell white. You can apply tape or seal brown pattern of wallpaper on the fourth wall. You can add curtains that have the similar design as that of wallpaper. This is also a wonderful design that you can use with the room divider.

Most of the times, simple elegance can provide your small apartments for rent with that feel of space and charm. The central room of your apartment can be painted in old lace which can be combined with a throw rug in white color made of sheepskin. Small sized dining sets would work well too. Of course, there is no need to go for one designed by Hans Wegner to add to the aesthetic appeal of your apartment. A well-polished, simple oak table along with the matching chairs would work great, particularly when it is combined with white, tall candles. You can also incorporate a clock that has Roman numerals engraved on it and a stand containing wildflowers.

With a wonderful design in the living space, your small studio will become a place that everyone would love. You can use your creative end to make your small studio a place to cherish while making sure that you stay within your budget.