Dealing With Harassing Neighbors In An Apartment

It is a saying that “Good fences make good neighbors.” It is important for us to build amicable relationships with our respective neighbors. To have a healthy relationship with your neighbors, you need to keep a distance and respect the privacy of other people. Whenever any disagreements take place, they may be escalated quickly to any actions and revenge. Harassment of a neighbor could be caused by the people who maybe desperately building new friendships that may not be mutual.

It is very difficult to maintain good relationships with your neighbors in rental apartments because people live on all four sides of you, and many of them maybe living as tenants hence they might keep changing. One leaves the other enters and this way it becomes difficult for you to adjust to different neighbors all the time. Some tenants might be friendly while some might not be. It has been seen that landlords of some apartments form a contract of just a few months for their tenants hence new people keep coming in every 7 to 8 months maybe just like it happens at apartments in Stevenson High School District. Some landlords who give their apartments for rent make sure that they get good tenants to maintain peace in the apartment buildings.

It is very important for you first to have a look at yourself and examine your behavior to determine if you did something undesirable or said something wrong which might have triggered harassment. You do not have to seek your neighbors to lend you anything, and also you should not be having long conversations with them if the harassment is due to too much friendliness of your neighbors and because of that friendliness your privacy has been neglected. Any unreasonable behavior of you or any of the other family members should be ceased. If anybody is playing loud music or creating any disturbance, it should be avoided. If any issues come up, deal with the neighbors face to face and try dealing with a very calm note. Let them know in a very peaceful manner that why is their behavior a harassment.  If you are too aggressive and you know you would not be able to deal with them on a calm note, ask some other adult family member to deal with the problem.

You should have a detailed talk with your other neighbors and ask them if they are facing the same problems with that neighbor or is it just you. Make a petition and you could have everyone’s signatures on it if you think that this could help your neighbors realize that their complaints are invalid. If they still not realize it and they continue to harass you then seek help from the authorities and let that neighbor know about it. Try avoiding the neighbor as much as you can if they just continue to be bossy.